printscreenThe website mital-U is part of the World Wide Web since August 1995! In the first half of the year as a sub-domain of a local Internet provider. Since May 1996 under its own domain name (Internet Archive).
The constructive spirit of the then still 'small' Internet community is a.o. expressed in the guestbook (of the first years).

According to Hanns Eisler’s statement “If you only understand something about music, you don’t understand anything about it.”, the website not only includes music & artists, but also attempts (at least to some extent) to outline the social context.

The different thematic areas of the website, not least in connection with the productions of the indie label mital-U, refer to relevant socio-cultural movements such as Dada, Situationists, Punk. Subcultures that rebelled against social injustice and inspired socio-cultural development in different forms of expression according to their time.
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For us, adherence to copyrights means the appreciation of the work of artists!

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