Eight years after the split of 'version 1' Bruno W started 'version 2' (v2) of mittageisen in the form of projects with various musicians.

As the result of a video-project for the ars electronica 95 in Linz (Austria) – realized by Bruno W, Markus S (a guitarist of the early mittageisen years) and Peter T – arose a Video for the song automaten. A (audio and video) remastered version was released in 2015.

In the same year (1995) mital-U became part of the World Wide Web. As the internet doesn’t forget anything, you can still find the first layout using the Way Back Machine of the Internet Archive.

mev2_EP In 1997 Bruno W begun with the production of new songs. Two of them geld – arbeit (money – work) were published in 1998. First released as a single, followed a half year later by an EP with remixes by Marco Repetto (ex-Grauzone), today techno-/ambient-DJ and a friend from early SONDERNUMMER days.

Further activities followed, such as the remix project 'electronic biscuits' for toini and the production and release of various albums (CD, vinyl), such as the sampler Swiss Cult Hits.
In the following years various video projects as well as the remastering of mittageisen songs for release as MP3-download or streaming.

Further productions of the label mital-U are and will be listed continuously under News.


In addition to music, writings have always played an important role. On the one hand to the music of mittageisen (song lyrics), on the other hand in the form of contributions to fanzines/magazines or books:
> blog with various short articles on music and socio-cultural topics, 1995-dato
> archive with pictures of various contributions, 1979-dato
> mittageisen – anfang (beginning), contribution to booklet for the sampler ‚Liebe + Anarchia: Switzerland 1978-1987‘, 2020
> 40 Jahre später (40 years later), contribution for ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN MAGAZINE 15, 2017
> mittageisen in the prison contribution for book ‘SEDEL 1981-2001’, velvet edition 2001
> London through Gary Gilmore’s eyes contribution for paperback ‘wir waren HELDEN für einen Tag’, rororo 1988