Sounds & Visions

In 1994, eight years after the break-up of mittageisen Bruno W initiated 'version 2' for music and video projects with various artists under the name 'mittageisen v2' or, since a few years, 'mev2'.

In collaboration with Markus S. (guitarist in the early years of mittageisen) and Peter T. (video engineer), a video based on the mittageisen song automaten was produced for the ars electronica 95 in Linz (Austria). A remastered version (audio & video) was released in 2015.

In the same year (1995) mital-U becomes part of the – at that time still small but fine – World Wide Web. The first layout of the website is available as a print screen in the archive.

In 1997 Bruno W began to produce new songs. Two of them were released in 1998 under the title mittageisen v2 : geld – arbeit (money – work). First as a single, then as an EP with remixes created in collaboration with Marco Repetto (ex-Grauzone, now techno/ambient DJ), a friend from the early days of SONDERNUMMER (fanzine 1979-1981 > archive). Three years later the collaboration continues with the remix project electronic biscuits.

mev2 Parallel to this, the production and release of various albums (CD, vinyl) by artists such as GRAUZONE, mittageisen, The Vyllies. Furthermore, the realisation of several video projects and the remastering of mittageisen songs for MP3 downloads or streaming.

With the decreasing importance of physical audio records, Bruno W is concentrating his activities on his own 'sounds' (mev2 @ bandcamp) and 'visions' (Bruno W @ IMDb) as well as the support of various socio-cultural projects. You can find the latest information in the news and productions sections.


Besides music and images, writings play an important role. On the one hand to the music of mittageisen (song lyrics), on the other hand in the form of text & graphics contributions to fanzines/magazines or books: