CD : Swiss Kult-Hits Vol.2 (80s wave)
CD : Swiss Kult-Hits Vol.1 (1970-1996)

CD : Swiss Kult-Hits Vol.2 (80s wave)

1The Real PopesThings I Saw Today[audio sample]4'45"
2YelloBostich[audio sample]4'35"
3RamsGoin' All The Gears[audio sample]4'08"
4Hungry For WhatMisanthrope[audio sample]4'23"
5NordlandJust Keep It Away[audio sample]4'49"
6FischhohlS' Ungnaui Häiweh[audio sample]3'33"
7Hertz440[audio sample]3'44"
8KleenexNice[audio sample]2'26"
9Stephan EicherNoise Boys Song[audio sample]2'16"
10LiliputDie Matrosen[audio sample]3'48"
11toiniHeart On Bleed[audio sample]4'42"
12GrauzoneIch und Du[audio sample]3'34"
13The VylliesWhispers In The Shadow[audio sample]4'07"
14Blue ChinaVisitors Never Come Alone[audio sample]4'11"
15The Schmutz SistersLa Folle[audio sample]4'07"
16AprilOcean Of Love[audio sample]3'48"
concept & compilation :Cyrill Schläpfer & Bruno Waser
mastering :Soundville Studio
graphic design :Wernie Baumeler
illustration :Guiseppe Reichmuth
format :CD
published : © 2001 CSR Records
EAN : 76 10773 91812 4
available at : well assorted record-stores or playlist on spotify

CD : Swiss Kult-Hits Vol.1 (1970-1996)

1TaxiCampari Soda[audio sample]3'06"
2Züri WestI schänke Dr mis Härz[audio sample]3'20"
3Touch El ArabMuhammar[audio sample]3'51"
4The Young GodsDid You Miss Me[audio sample]3'19"
5GrauzoneEisbär[audio sample]4'12"
6mittageisenautomaten[audio sample]3'55"
7Stephan EicherLes Filles de Limmatquai[audio sample]3'53"
8Lunettes NoiresNotice in a Diary[audio sample]4'25"
9Mani MatterHemmige[audio sample]1'50"
10HertzWilly Ritschard[audio sample]3'30"
11FrostschutzHandtäschlifrau[audio sample]3'00"
12Christine LauterburgTanz Tanz![audio sample]4'17"
13Familie TrüebBallade vom Dällebach[audio sample]1'50"
14Baby JailKari[audio sample]4'03"
15Stiller HasTubel Trophy[audio sample]4'19"
16Die TürenMoudi Golden Telegram[audio sample]5'52"
concept & compilation :Cyrill Schläpfer & Bruno Stettler
mastering :Soundville Studio
graphic design :Bruno Stettler
format :CD
published : © 1999 CSR Records
EAN : 76 10773 91802 5
available at : 2nd hand or playlist on spotify