mital : ‘midday’ (in german ‘mittag’) merged with ‘metal’
U : You, Urban, Underground
denotes an independent label for alternative sounds & visions! For actual news please visit regurarly the appropriate page.


mital-U ‘the small global indie-label’ was founded in 1996 by Bruno W with the intention, to establish a record-label for people who like alternative and independent produced music!
The real beginning of activities in music production goes back to 1979 when Bruno W met the (in CH+DE) notorious Lucerne punks CRAZY and produced the first punk LP in Switzerland in 1980. This was followed by the production of further records for CRAZY as well as for his ‘own’ band mittageisen. Some years later (1991) the beginning of the World-Wide-Web activities and the foundation of the record label mital-U. In the following record productions with relevant postpunk bands like The Vyllies, mittageisen, GRAUZONE. Besides the activities as a label, mital-U also includes a music publishing company (LUNA-MUSIK).
In the last few years mital-U has become increasingly involved in video/film projects on alternative music and subcultural movements.


Not only because of our roots in the punk movement we strive for the greatest possible artistic and commercial independence. Based on our socio-cultural roots and business skills we want to “force sustainable development with creative strategies”.
Due to the cultural history and affinity mital-U concentrates on the production and distribution of music in the context of postpunk (new wave, dark wave, industrial, drum & bass) as well as related projects in film, graphics, fashion, design, etc.
We see ourselves as a competent, complementary partner for artists who want to concentrate on their creative work and are interested in a fair and professional cooperation. The cooperation takes place in the form of projects and commonly defined goals and framework conditions.
Information about our activities can be found on the Productions and News pages.

mital-U is a not-for-profit organization. This means that all revenues, after covering production costs and fair compensation to artists, are used for new projects and donated to organisations such as EarthPercent (brand partner), eXtinction Rebellion, Medico International (projects in Rojava).


For us, the observance of copyrights means the appreciation of the work of artists! This also includes that they are paid for their musical works.
Concerning copyrights for domain and website please note the imprint!

Contact analogue : mital-U | 456 | CH-6002 Luzern | SWITZERLAND
Contact digital : E-Mail