CRAZY+BrunoW+EtienneConnod @SunriseStudio Juli80 «… The phenomen were called Punk. Its great period is over a long time ago, but how call it again: Punk is dead, long live Punk. …
CRAZY, those were locals with national and international effect, with legendary concerts incl. troubles and two records. And now, after the split more than ten years ago, the release of a memorial record. …»
(‘Let’s hear from old times’, LNN of January 20, 1992).

CRAZY from Lucerne were one of the first Swiss Punk bands. They published in July 1980 the first independent Swiss Punk LP, produced by Bruno W (> picture).

Band-Members : FEBRUAR 79 : Wolfi Vocals / Kusteri Guitar / Tremp Bass / Buri Drums : APRIL 79 : Wolfi Vocals / Sidi Guitar / Tremp Bass / Buri Drums : MAI 79 : Luschin Vocals / Mongi Guitar / Tremp Bass / Buri Drums : APRIL 80 : Knüsel Vocals / Mongi Guitar / Tremp Bass / Buri Drums : JANUAR 81 : Knüsel Vocals / Mongi Guitar / Ralph Guitar / Tremp Bass / Buri Drums : NOVEMBER 81 : Knüsel Vocals / Mongi Guitar / Ralph Guitar / Tari Bass / Buri Drums : JANUAR 83

Bruno W, in the booklet to CRAZY-LP (2022):
«At the beginning of 1977, I became aware of a new kind of music called Punk, that mainly developed in London and New York, through radio (FMs ‘Music from London’ and music magazines like NME). A main characteristic of the Punk-Scene at that time was, besides a striking fashion style, the principle of ‘do-it-yourself’, manifesting itself in the form of fanzines, concerts, bands and labels that were independent from the main music business.
Back in Zurich, where I mainly lived at the time and where there was already a Punk-Scene, I started writing for fanzines and attending various concerts. Punk in Switzerland was, in contrast to the desolate economic situation in the UK, mainly a rebellion against bourgeoisie and boredom. A formative concert for me took place on July 9, 1979 in the auditorium of the Kantonsschule Baden (about 20km from Zurich), where SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES played. I met some LU-Punks there, among them Tremp and Knüsel from CRAZY. Subsequently, the production of the first independent Swiss-Punk LP came into being. The beginning of a three-year collaboration, during which I accompanied CRAZY and that ended in 1982 with the release of the CRAZY EP. Punk music had evolved within just a few years and I took a turn towards Post-Punk (Joy Division, Siouxsie & the Banshees, WIRE), while CRAZY stayed true to their style of music.»

A comprehensive insight into the musical work of CRAZY is presented on the CD CRAZY, with 18 digitally remastered tracks and an extensive booklet.

> (german-language) impressions from that area: Weltwoche-Magazin (April 1982)