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Raffaela FBy the end of 1990, Raffaela F. had left Bern's famous Rock-Wave-Band Micro Kids and began composing her own songs. In 1991 she founded the queer Chamber-Pop female-group Lax of Lublu, who - with their reserved sound - created a honeymoon-like athmosphere, which sounded melancholic and charming. By the end of 1995, after having spent a year in San Francisco and playing with local musicians, Raffaela wealth of new impressions and ideas, found herself musically going in a new direction.
Returning to Switzerland Raffaela founded in 1996 the womans-band RED, which dazzled the listeners with their multi- voices and spherical sounds. Two years later she started their solo-project toini and the production of her first solo-album amble.
Raffaela is interested in repetetive lines - whose sound- structures oddly flow into one another as they develop - and is fascinated in creating rhythmes, which contradict and irritate the flow of the melodies. Her music has been described by critics as beeing avantgarde, dadaistic, psychedelic, meditative. Spherical sounds in their own uniqueness find themselves situated between sadness and felicity.
In 2001 toini made - amongst other bands as Kleenex, Stephan Eicher and Yello - her contribution to the sampler 'Swiss Kult Hits Vol.2' with the song heart on bleed. In the same year start of the remix-project 'electronic biscuits' by mital-U. The result is an electronica EP (published in 2002) with six new songs, remixed by Marco Repetto, which animates to listen and especially to dance!
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