mittageisen LPThe group was initiated in 1981 by Bruno W, after several Punk-activities (a.o. production of the first Swiss-Punk LP). As a typical postpunk band mittageisen developed their individual music style and became thereby one of the earliest darkwave band.

Among various concerts (the first one on March 6th 1981 as 7C0 = 1984 in Hex-Code) – also with other bands like Liliput, Blue China, The Vyllies and Propaganda – mittageisen became one of the most shaped Swiss New-Wave band, especially through the release of their 1.album!

They earned a lot of positiv reviews as the radio airplay in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherland, Italy and on BBC1! Besides the music the expressive lyrics, which produced together with the melodies a special athmosphere, made the songs and the group famous!

mittageisen 1982band-members:
1981 – Daniel S: guitar / Markus S: guitar, voice / Bruno W: synthesizer, rhythm – 1982 – Daniel S: guitar / Markus S: guitar, voice / Ursula S: bass / Bruno W: synthesizer, rhythm – 1983 – Daniel S: guitar / Markus S: guitar, voice / Markus St: bass / Manuela H: synthesizer / Bruno W: synthesizer, voice, rhythm – 1984 – Daniel S: guitar, bass / Manuela H: synthesizer / Bruno W: synthesizer, voice, rhythm – 1985 – Daniel S: guitar / Markus St: bass / Manuela H: synthesizer / Bruno W: synthesizer, voice, rhythm – 1986

The name ‘mittageisen’ means iron-meal and based on a photomontage made by John Heartfield in 1934. This picture was published on the frontpage of the ‘Arbeiter Illustrierten Zeitung’ (Workers Illustrated Journal), published on 19.December 1935. Heartfield (1891-1968) was an early member of Club Dada, which started 1916 as Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich.

Siouxsie and the Banshees : mittageisenThe picture with the original-title ‘Hurrah, the butter is out’ shows a family who eats various pieces of metal! The trigger for it was the following sentence of a Göring-speach: ‘Iron made a nation always strong, butter and lard made only the people fat.’
Siouxsie and the Banshees published 1979 the single ‘metal postcard / mittageisen’, which they dedicated to John Heartfield.

After some personnel changes mittageisen released in 1985 the 12″ ‘automaten‘ and got excellent reviews again. Record of the week on various radio-stations and music-magazines! The in the year 1994 produced video for the song ‘automaten’ can be watched furthermore on YouTube.

After last recording sessions in 1986 the band split up. Bruno W published some years later under the name mittageisen v2 the single ‘geld – arbeit / money – work’, which was published in two editions with different versions. On the second edition he worked together with Marco Repetto, a member of the famous NDW-band GRAUZONE, Techno and Ambient DJ, musician and producer.

A comprehensive insight into the musical work of mittageisen offers the double CD ‘mittageisen 1981-1986 remastered‘, with 19 digital remastered tracks (including 6 previously unreleased) and a 24-page booklet.