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Eight years after the split of 'version 1' Bruno W started 'version 2' (v2) of mittageisen in the form of projects with different artists. mittageisen v2
As the result of a video-project for the ars electronica '95 in Linz (Austria) - realized by Bruno W, Markus S (a guitarist of the early mittageisen years) and Peter T - arose a Video for the song automaten.
In the same time became mital-U a part of the World Wide Web.
In 1997 Bruno W begun with the production of new songs. Two of them 'geld - arbeit' (money - work) were published in 1998. First released as a single, followed a half year later by an EP with remixes by Marco Repetto (ex-Grauzone), today techno-/ambient-DJ and a friend from early SONDERNUMMER days).
Further activities followed, for example a remix-project for toini and the production of other CDs as Swiss Kult-Hits under the label mital-U.
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