mital-U ‘the small global indie-label’ was founded in 1996 by Bruno W with the intention, to establish a record-label for people who like alternative and independent produced music!

The real beginning of activities in music-production goes back to the year 1979, when Bruno W met the (at least in CH+DE) famous-notorious Lucerne-punks CRAZY and produced Switzerland’s first Punk-LP. Followed by the production of further records for CRAZY as well as for ‘his’ band mittageisen. Some years later (1991) start of the world-wide-web activities under the name mital-U and founding of the record-label mital-U. Subsequently, record productions with bands such as the vyllies, grauzone, mittageisen. In addition to the activity as a label, mital-U includes also a music publishing company (LUNA MUSIK).

On the basis of available resources, as well as the goal of greatest artistic and commercial independence, mital-U focuses on the production and distribution of unique music in the context of postpunk, wave, darkwave, industrial, drum&bass.
We see ourselves as a competent partner for musicians, who want to focus on the creative work. At the same time, we prefer to work with artists and partners who are interested in a fair and professional cooperation!

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Label Code : LC 24483
ISRCode : CH 673 xx xxx

Contact analogue : mital-U | P.O.Box 3428 | CH-6002 Luzern 2 | SWITZERLAND
Contact digital : E-Mail